Anthony Bourdain Kitchen Confidential Review

In our review of kitchen confidential the 2000 book that made him famous bourdain says that if were ever hit by an out of control ice cream truck he would have zero regrets about missing any.

Anthony bourdain kitchen confidential review. I wish i had a more adventurous palette that loved encountering new things. I wish i was. The best writing about food the stuff that makes the juices run even as the eyes read are dispatches from the front.

The book is known for its treatment of the professional culinary industry which he describes as an intense unpleasant and sometimes hazardous workplace staffed by who he describes as misfits. Kitchen confidential anthony bourdain bloomsbury 1699 pp307 buy it at bol. 4 of 5 stars i am not nor have i ever been a foodie.

Adventures in the culinary underbelly anthony bourdain author bloomsbury publishing limited 2599 288p isbn 978 1 58234 082 1 more by and about this author. When kitchen confidential was first published 18 years ago the times gave it a rave saying that bourdain gleefully rips through the scenery to reveal private backstage horrors little. Bourdian offers insights on what happens in the kitchen and what drove him to become a chef.

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